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Crest of the Stars English Subbed

Crest of the Stars

Crest of the Stars

Type: Anime TV
Episode Duration:Average 24 min
Genre: Drama, Romance, Science fiction,
External links:Funimation
Number of episodes:13
Latest episode: Crest of the Stars 13 Final
Summary: In the distant future, mankind has mastered space and spread empires across the galaxy. While many choose to colonize distant planets, others choose to remain amidst the stars, ultimately giving rise to a new brand of humanity known as the Abh. Both genetically and culturally different from their Earth-dwelling peers, the Abh soon find themselves engaged in a bloody war that rages across hundreds of planets and set out to restore peace by means of conquest. Enter Jinto, a nobleman and ambassador of the recently acquired Hyde system whose duty is to represent his peoples' interests and rule on the Abh's behalf. In order to be officially coronated to this position, a cold-but-beautiful Abh princess named Lafiel arrives at Hyde to escort him back to the empire's capital. When they are suddenly attacked by an anti-Abh liberation front, however, the festivities are cut short, and the two must flee for their lives against all odds.

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