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Allison & Lillia English Subbed

Allison & Lillia

Allison & Lillia

Type: Anime TV
Episode Duration:Average 24 min
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Military, Spies, Treasure hunting,
External links:Funimation
Number of episodes:26
Latest episode: Allison and Lillia Episode 26 Final
Summary: It is the year 3287, and the countries of Roxche and Soux-Beil have been feuding for one hundred and thirty years. In the country of Roxche, the young air force pilot Allison has just reunited with her childhood friend Wil; and together, they are about to embark on a grand adventure. Whether it's ending the war between the countries with the help of a legendary treasure, traveling into hostile territory, or helping restore a princess's right to the throne, Allison and Wil will complete their missions with kindness and honor.

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